pre-wash - the Swiss stain pioneer since 1974

Until 1974, the Swiss housewife could only either wash or get rid of stains with commercially available powders. The idea of using a pre-wash spray to do both in one step, which is common today, was introduced in Switzerland under the brand pre-wash.

Over the next 40 years, the products and formulations have been continually adapted and optimized to technical progress. However, pre-wash has remained faithful to its claim to make stain removal as simple and efficient as possible until this day. Even today we work every day to be able to offer the perfect product for every stain – with Swiss commitment and precision.


Which stain would you like to remove?

Grass stains on trousers, wine stains on the tablecloth or pen marks on the shirt; everyday life does not pass by without leaving its mark on us. Behind each stain there is a story but also a solution. The pre-wash stain adviser helps you in a quick and straightforward manner to find the suitable product for stain removal.

Simply select the type of stain and the material and you will already receive a product recommendation and useful tips for immediate assistance.