Over the years, we have collected many useful tips & tricks from our own experiences and discussions with consumers and are providing them to you here. If you should nevertheless have questions or suggestions that you cannot find any information on here, please feel fee to contact us at any time via chat, e-mail or telephone – we will be pleased to help you further.

Can the pre-wash stain remover also be used on wool and silk?

No, the pre-wash stain remover (as a spray, spray bottle or refill) is not recommended for wool, silk, rubberised materials and special equipment. For these, it is recommended to use pre-wash gall soap (bar or liquid) or a treatment with pre-wash OXI power. The pre-wash hygiene rinse can also be easily used if items of clothing made of wool or silk are washed.

Can the pre-wash stain remover also be used on linen?

This is not a problem if the item of clothing is deemed to be “washable”. With coloured linens, test beforehand on an inconspicuous place.

Why may the pre-wash stain remover spray in the aerosol can not be tilted by more than 45°?

If the can is held horizontally or even above the head, the propellant is released too quickly which results in it not being emptied entirely. This tip for use applies for all aerosol cans.

Is there a pre-wash product that prevents discolorations?

Colour catchers protect coloured washing from transfers of colour. The colour that is released during the washing process in the washing machine is captured by the specially treated cloth like a magnet before it can be released in the other items of washing.

Can pre-wash OXI WHITE also be used directly on the washing?

No, the pre-wash stain remover OXI WHITE should be added as a washing strength enhancer to the washing powder for the main or pre-wash. Or it is used as a soaking agent before the washing process.

Can the pre-wash hygiene rinse also be used for baby and children’s washing?

The pre-wash disinfectant hygiene is very well suited for baby and children’s washing. The product does not contain any colourings or fragrances and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Does the pre-wash hygiene rinse also work against fleas and lice?

No, the pre-wash disinfectant hygiene only works against fungi, bacteria and odours that would survive at wash temperatures of up to 60°C if the disinfectant hygiene was not used.

Does pre-wash OXI power contain javel?

No, pre-wash OXI power does not contain javel and dissolves stains without affecting colour or fabric, even on wool and silk.

Why can it be the case in rare instances that the area treated is lighter than before after treatment with pre-wash stain remover?

Through air pollution such as dust, rust, exhaust gases etc., fabrics become grey over time and light-coloured fabrics gradually become darker, without us noticing it. However, through the treatment of light-coloured clothing with the pre-wash stain remover the dirt is removed without residue from the area treated, i.e. the original colour of the item of washing is restored. The item of washing regains its original colour if you spray it entirely with the pre-wash stain remover and wash it again. The last residues of dirt will then also disappear.

The item of clothing has rings after being treated with pre-wash stain remover. How do I get rid of them?

If rings are formed, spray all of the item of washing or entire parts of it again and leave it rolled up for approx. 30 minutes. Then wash it.

Can the hardness of the water influence the result of the stain removal?

Yes, the hardness of the water can influence the result of the stain removal. The washing agent additive may have to be increased or with very stubborn dried stains water softener added.

Can coloured jeans show discolorations when using pre-wash stain remover?

The pre-wash stain remover is free of bleaching agents and does not attack colourings. Nevertheless, poorly fixed dyes can be washed out by the stain remover. For this reason, coloured jeans should always be tested for colour fastness in advance on an invisible spot.