pre-wash Ox-gall Soap

Pre-wash gall soap gentle removes stubborn stains on the basis of sustainable, plant-based raw materials. Suitable for white or coloured textiles – also for wool and silk. Particularly recommended for contaminations caused by:

Moisten stains and gall soap with water and rub the soap into the stain which should still be fresh where possible. Allow to take effect for a few minutes. If necessary, treat with a soft hand brush or a cloth. Rinse out well or wash. Use in all temperatures of 20-95°C.

Without colourings. Skin tolerabiltiy dermatologically tested.

> 30% soap, gall concentrate and fragrances. Without colourings.

Easy biodegradability according to OECD 301 B.

100 g

Item no.: 32265

Pharmacode: 1691986