pre-wash Stain Remover OXI COLOR

The new formulation of pre-wash OXI COLOR is characterised by powerful stain removal. As a washing strength enhancer or soaking agent, removes on an oxygen basis stubborn stains and greyness on all coloured textiles – apart from on wool and silk. The latest enzyme technology breaks down the stains specifically into smaller, water-soluble parts and thusd develops a unique cleaning power from temperatures as low as 20°C. The integrated colour catcher effect protects your washing from discolorations and makes colour catchers no longer necessary.

Use in all wash temperatures of 20 – 95°C.

  • Washing strength enhancer: Add pre-wash OXI COLOR to the washing agent in the dosing compartment for the main or pre-wash (cf. dosing table).
  • Softening agent: Dissolve 2 heaped dessert spoons of pre-wash OXI COLOR in 4 litres of water (40° – 60°C). Soak washing for a maximum of 1 hour. Then wash. The soaking is not suitable for textiles with coated surfaces and clothing with zips, buttons or rivets made of metal.

Do not add pre-wash OXI COLOR directly to the washing. Test coloured textiles in an inconspicuous place for colour fastness. Comply with textile care symbols. Store in a locked, cool and dry place.

15-30% bleach on an oxygen basis, 5-15% zeolites, < 5% non-ionic tensides, < 5% phosphonate, enzymes, perfume.

100% biodegradable according to OECD 302 B in 14 days.

750 g

Item no.: 32227

Pharmacode: 7479359