pre-wash Stain Remover OXI WHITE

The new pre-wash stain remover OXI WHITE is characterised by powerful stain remover. As a washing strength enhancer or soaking agent, it removes on an oxygen basis stubborn stains and greyness on all white and colourfast textiles – except on wood and silk. The latest enzyme technology breaks down the stains specifically into smaller, water-soluble parts and thus develops a unique cleaning power from a temperature as low as 20°C. Particularly recommended to treat contamination caused by:

Use in all wash temperatures of 20-95°C.
As a washing strength enhancer: Depending on the degree of dirt, add 1-2 dosing spoons of pre-wash OXI WHITE to the washing agent for the main or pre-wash.
As a soaking agen: Dissolve 2 dosing spoons of pre-wash OXI WHITE in 4 litres of water (40-60°C). Soak colourfast coloureds for 30-60 minutes / white washing for at least 1 hour. Then wash.

Test coloured textiles on an inconspicuous area for colourfastness. Note textile care symbols. Soaking is not suitable for textiles with coated surfaces or with zips, buttons or rivets made of metal. Store in a locked, cool and dry place.

15-30% bleach on an oxygen basis, 5-15% zeolites, < 5% phosphonate, < 5% non-ionic tensides, enzymes, optical brighteners.

99% biodegradable according to OECD 302 B in 14 days

750 g

Item no.: 32226

Pharmacode: 7479342