pre-wash Stain Remover spray

As a pre-treatment agent, the pre-wash stain remover spray in the practical aerosol can dissolves stubborn dirt and stains on all white and coloured textiles – except for wool and silk. Particularly recommended on contamination caused by:

Only tilt the can slightly when spraying – by a maximum of 45°. Spray the dirty area from a distance of approx. 20 cm and leave to take effect for at least 1 min., then wash as usual with the rest of the washing. Treat stubborn stains again. If rings form, spray the entire item of clothing, leave rolled up for 30 mins and then wash. Use at all washing temperatures between 20-95°C.

Test coloured textiles and jeans for colour fastness on an invisible place. Note textile care symbols. Do not spray on household items. Not suitable for wool and silk.

15-30% non-ionic tensides, 5-15% aliphatic carbohydrates, < 5% soap

100% biodegradability pursuant to OECD 302 B within 28 days.

250 ml

Item no.: 32241

Pharmacode: 2252639